Hallmarking: Bullion Barber Hallmark

We want to share some information about the general hallmarking process, why it’s done, and what a Bullion Barber hallmark looks to achieve. Did you know, in the UK, to sell something as ‘Silver or Gold’ it has to be hallmarked!? Precious metals usually are mixed with other alloys for various reasons but mainly due […]

Precious Metals – Bullion unit measure

Bullion Unit Measure – Why it’s different Welcome to the wonderful world of measuring bullion (Bullion unit measure), precious metals, and how it differs slightly from your usual measurements. It was new to us when we started; its particular to the precious metal industry but we like it, its different and it keeps us interesting. […]

How to start pouring silver: a beginners guide

pouring molten metal

Whether you’ve been involved with precious metals for some time or you are just getting started, pouring silver can be an extremely rewarding hobby. The first thing to be aware of is melting and pouring silver does take a little investment. But, once you have the essentials you’re good to go and will be able […]